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All About Your Microbiome- Part I: Probiotics

  • Yantra Endocrinology + Wellness 146 W 29th street Suite 12E New York, NY 10001 USA (map)

News Flash: Over half of our cells are not human but bacteria. This collection of microbes is known as the microbiome. Each of us has our own unique ecosystem that is in constant flux based on our lifestyle, diet and environment. Currently, there exists a compelling body of research supporting that these "other cells" maybe the key to understanding health and chronic disease. 

In this 2-part series, naturopathic doctor, Ivy Branin will be discussing probiotics and fermented foods and their impact on our gut microbiomes. In our first talk, we will separate the facts from fiction so that you will be able to choose the best probiotic to meet your health goals. 

In her talk, Dr Ivy Branin, ND will discuss:

1. What are probiotics?

2. How do probiotics work?

3. What are the ideal probiotics for common health conditions?

4. How do I take a probiotic?

5. How do I know my probiotic is high quality?

About The Venue:

Our objective is to host informal educational talks which also facilitate group discussion. Ticket charges are applied towards speaker fees and refreshments served at the event. Yantra Endocrinology + Wellness does not profit off these events. Their purpose is to educate people that are motivated to optimize their health.