Congratulations! You are eligible for this program because through our work together you have achieved your wellness goal or we have designed a plan for you that we are confident will get you there. The unfortunate reality studies show the majority of people fail to keep their goals long term once achieved.  I want to ensure that you continue to have clear skin, restful sleep, weight loss, balanced moods, and hassle-free periods. That’s why I created the Wellness Success Program just for you.

Why enroll? It’s about continued success and what you get

·      Unlimited access to email, phone and Zoom with Dr Ivy to answer your questions and keep you accountable, energized and motivated!*

·      Save $50 and receive priority booking on follow up appointments

·      Free shipping and 10% off supplement orders of $50 or more

·       Free post PAP follow up appointment (HPV/Cervical dysplasia patients only)


Only $75 a month!

* Some restrictions may apply. More involved questions or new health concerns or diagnosis may require an appointment. In order to be eligible for this program, you must enroll within 30 days of your last appointment.