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Let Dr Ivy Branin show you how naturopathic medicine can help you:

We all want to feel good and be healthy, but at times it can seem so elusive and difficult. So we get frustrated and easily give up. At Simplicity, we feel that the solution to feeling good and getting healthy can be simple. Using the fundamentals of naturopathic medicine, we can ensure a process, which will lead to healthier happier life. We are committed to meeting our patients where they’re at and taking them beyond where they thought they wanted to be. It is our hope to that our patients will find a nurturing place here to foster a brighter future.

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Our Specialties


Women’s Health

For women who want to take control of their menstrual health without the pill! Birth control pills have been the mainstay in treating cramps, irregular cycles, endometriosis, PCOS and PMS. The problem is they don't address the underlining cause and are not the best option for women who are looking to get pregnant. Naturopath Dr Ivy offers natural solutions for a variety of menstrual concerns that will maximize reproductive function rather than suppress it.  Finally, you will be able to get control over your hormones rather than them controlling you. So they won’t control you.



Our skin is often the first thing people notice when they see us. For those suffering with teen and adult acne, this can sometimes make social activities, job interviews and even dating challenging. There is always that fear of being judged. They may have tried a variety of harsh cleansers or antibiotics with no avail. Many find the only resort is to hide behind a mask of makeup. With naturopathic medicine, Dr Ivy will get to the root cause of your acne so that your skin will clear naturally with lasting results. You will find a new confidence and finally be able to shed your mask.


Anxiety and Depression

Life is always a constant flux of ups and downs but for those with depression and anxiety life can be an endless struggle. In many cases it seems as if medication is the only solution. Though they no longer hold a societal stigma, medications can have unwanted side effects like low libido and weight gain. For those looking to come off of these medications, this can present challenges of its own. When working with Dr Ivy, she will find the cause of your mood disorder and work with you in a natural, gentle way to enable you to get off medication for good or avoid it all together. 

We can also help if you are dealing with SIBO, Cervical Dysplasia/HPV, Thyroid Problems, or Insomnia. 


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