Naturopath Dr Ivy has been a contributor of many health articles for a wide variety of publications and formats.   Her naturopathic medical articles have also been published in Atlantic County Woman's Magazine. 

Talks and Presentations

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to present on a wide variety of topics for disverse audiences for numerous organizations.  Here are the slides from some of my favorite past talks and presentations.

State of Health in East meets West How different are Japan and the US?

Life Reset
June 11, 2016
Yokosuka, Japan

A discussion of the differences between the state of health in Japan and US and the dietary and lifestyle factors that account for these differences.

Ivy’s presentation for “stress management” event at my acupuncture clinic was amazing, simple and clear using graphic data. As an acupuncturist, it’s easy to tell to patients “work out, and eat macrobiotic foods” but for them it’s not so easy to change their daily lifestyle and habits actually. Ivy’s presentation gave me have a varieties of concrete ideas of nutritional science and natural home remedies that patients can easily start to use after a treatment. Ivy’s knowledge is the real deal and very helpful.
— Akina Kazama, Acupuncturist and Macrobiotic Consultant, Life Reset


Nourish Your Thyroid, Nourish Your Metabolism

Traditional Nutrition Guild
November 14, 2015
New York, NY

In this talk, I discussed how our thyroid functions, signs and symptoms of thyroid dysfunction, causes of thyroid dysfunction, what you need to talk to your doctor about, and how to nourish yourself to keep your thyroid functioning optimally.

“As a busy entrepreneur and father, there’s no area of my life that is more important to me than managing stress — and in her excellent presentation, Dr. Ivy gave me some great actionable ideas that I’ve already implemented in my life. I also took the information home to share with my wife, and she is already noticing a difference too. Thanks, Dr. Ivy!
— Tom Martin President, Tom Martin Media, LLC


Drug Nutrient Depletion: The obvious not so obvious root cause

New York Association of Naturopathic Physicians 2015 Conference
October 4, 2015
New York City, NY

In this talk, I discussed the main classes of medications, which cause nutrient depletions, the mechanism by which these medications deplete nutrients, sign and symptoms presented by patients, effective supplement strategies and clinical examples.

I have found Dr. Ivy Branin to be a reliable source of information for my health. She has always taken the time to speak to me and answer my questions. She is a fantastic doctor and a person I know I can rely on when needed.
— Joseph Grosso, Real Estate Broker


Say Goodbye to Your UTI! Natural Remedies for Urinary Tract Health

Remedies Herb Shop
September 24, 2014
Brooklyn, NY

In my talk, I covered some of my favorite herbal and nutritional approaches to support your urinary system, including how to help and prevent Urinary Tract Infections.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for coming to speak to the Reach to Recovery (Breast Cancer support group) ladies last week. We so enjoyed everything that you taught us. I have received feedback from quite a few members stating how much they learned and gained from your talk. Thank you for incorporating their questions and concerns throughout the session.
— Orah Chasen, Patient & Family Services, American Cancer Society Queens Region


Happy Mom, Before and After

Traditional Nutrition Guild
April 26, 2014
New York, NY

In this 2 part presentation, I discussed the importance of preconception care for boosting fertility and ensuring the health and wellbeing of both mom and baby.  I  also addressed strategies to help manage some of the major health concerns affecting mothers after birth such as post partum depression and loss of libido.

Dr. Ivy is an extremely knowledgeable doctor and passionate speaker. Her stress management workshop was well-thought-out and informative. I have been able to integrate many of the helpful tips she shared into my daily life.
— Atthena Breitton, Yoga Teacher


Don't Stress! Tips for Health and Finance

Edward Jones
July 25, 2013
New York, NY

I teamed up with financial advisor, Camner Rubin, to tackle your stress.  I looked at naturopathic prespectives of stress managment such as life stlye and diet and Camner covered ways to decrease financial stresses.

Dr. Ivy’s presentation was easy to listen to, well-informed and animated. She speaks well because she’s so passionate and knowledgeable about how we take care of our health. With lots of stories and examples she engages and drives home her point. You can’t help but learn.
— Jeri Quinn, President of Driving Improved Results


Better Naturopathically: Why adding Naturopathic Medicine is a good idea for patients with Breast Cancer

American Cancer Society
February 4, 2013
Flushing, NY

In this closed talk, I shared naturopathic insights with members of Reach to Recovery support group at the American Cancer Society.