Self Love Pose (Balasana)

This calming pose embodies radical self-love. It is a restful pose, so it allows you to pause and feel your breath moving gently through your body. As you inhale, you will notice the back of the heart filling up with the breath. The back of the heart (upper back, shoulder blades) is metaphorically the receiving area of the body. I think of the breath as LOVE. So in this pose we are receiving all the love from the universe inside our precious bodies. It is the ultimate self care to truly pause, feel the breath, and allow ourselves to enjoy rest. This is a challenge, especially for the fast paced over achievers (like me)! If your heels do not touch your hips, you can put a blanket or a bolster between them. You may also find it comfortable to put a blanket or bolster underneath your forehead. Enjoy this pose for one minute or more. Sophia is a yoga teacher and body image activist in New York City. She teaches classes designed to help people cultivate self love. Check out her website

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