Eagle Pose (Garudasana)


Even when I am in Paris, I have to "faire du yoga," One of my favorite places to do my sun salutations en français is Be Yoga. So I decided to ask one of my Be Yoga teachers, Garance Clos, to chose a pose that helps to promote concentration to which she replied "avec palisir!" According to her, eagle or "l'aigle" en francais teaches you how to find balance, stay focused and increases your concentration. She also likes it because it's very playful and it helps to strengthen your ankles, legs and hands. "The other cool thing about it is that the twist you do in the pose gives a natural massage to your organs" she adds.

On the spiritual benefits of the pose she says "it is believed to help you 'ride with the wind without resting' like an eagle. In other words, garudasana teaches you radical acceptance of anything that life throws at you." Merci Garance!

This pose is not recommended if you have knee injuries, balance problems or on medications that affect balance, and low blood pressure. Also if you are new to yoga or this pose, I recommend learning this pose from an experienced teacher.