Legs Up the Wall (Viparita Karani)

For IVF patients, one of the most difficult periods is the '2 week wait.' It can be excruciating. So it's important to find poses that nourish, relax, and energize; especially since it's recommended to keep exercise to a minimum, which can actually add to mental and physical fatigue.

I love how this pose inverts the body and releases tension by taking weight off the legs. Inhale and feel the pelvis release, exhale and feel fatigue drain from your legs bringing life, prana, and nourishment to your pelvis, abdomen, and heart. Lay with your arms at your side or, to feel more protected during this vulnerable time, with your hands resting on your belly (yoni/source mudra - - a downward facing triangle with thumbs and index fingers together) or one hand on belly, one your chest. Repeat a mantra like: inhale "right here," exhale, "right now." It's also a great place to practice a visualization meditation: Inhale and envision golden light fill the abdomen, extend down into the pelvis, and nourish the reproductive organs. Exhale and allow that warmth to spill all through your body. Feel your vitality, creative potential, and womanhood.

The lovely Lily Balsen trained at Laughing Lotus and the Prenatal Yoga Center. She creatively tailors her private yoga sessions to meet her clients fitness and therapeutic goals. Click here to find out more more information about Lily.