Glorious Microbes: Discovering the microbiome through science and nutrition


Thursday September 14
7:30-9:00 PM

13th arrondissement Paris, France

News flash: Over half of our cells are not human but bacteria. This collection of microbes is known as the microbiome. Each of us has our own unique ecosystem that is in constant flux based on our lifestyle, diet and environment. Currently, there exists a compelling body of research supporting that these "other cells" maybe the key to understanding health and chronic disease.

In her talk, naturopath, Dr Ivy Branin will discuss:

  1. What the microbiome is
  2. .Factors affecting our microbiome.
  3. How the microbiome changes throughout our lifetime.
  4. The relationship between the microbiome and chronic disease.
  5. How eating and preparing fermented foods can benefit our microbiome.

This event is pay as you wish. Because space is limited to 20 people, we encourage you to RSVP by September 12. The exact location will be given when you RSVP.

For more information or to register please contact Stephen Swartz:
tel +330145862108