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What’s Tanking your Thyoid?

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to share some startling statistics with the women of Kathy Gelfand’s Empowered Lunch Hour. Believe it 1 out of 8 women will develop a thyroid condition in their lifetime and women are 3-5 times more likely to suffer from thyroid problems than men.

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Glorious Microbes: Discovering the microbiome through science and nutrition

Thursday September 14
7:30-9:00 PM
13th arrondissement Paris, France

News flash: Over half of our cells are not human but bacteria.  This collection of microbes is known as the microbiome.  Each of us ha...

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Leave it on a Jet Plane!

It had been over a week since I had returned from France and I had lost interest in the pleasures of daily life. I was tired and withdrawn. What was wrong with me? Was I clinically depressed? Had I somehow damaged my thyroid? Fortunately, a photographer friend, Anja Hitzenberger, who often travels internationally for work, pointed out that my malady was probably jet lag. Jet lag occurs when the body's circadian rhythms are out of sync with the environment causing us temporary mental and physical dysfunction. What a relief! However, this year I am taking out my naturopathic tool kit and preventing jet lag altogether.

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